Thursday, 21 November 2013

A call for duty...for temporary heaven

Pardon me this is my first time to blog...A cousin of mine invited me....

It started when my cousin pm'd me on FB, and forwarded a message that Oplan Salubong is in need of volunteers in Villamor Air Base. I told her I'm interested so I went to the website of oplan salubong and pre-registered. I wasn't really sure what to expect but part of me was a bit nervous knowing I will face these survivors and try to console them in my own little way. Anyways I told myself I have to do something, I've been seeing these survivors in the news and I really wanted to do something for them, but with all the negative write up and news re: our government I wasn't sure where to go. As far as I was concerned I just want to help.

I chose Wed Nov.20, 2pm to 9pm schedule. I got there 1:30pm because we needed to be oriented but surprisingly the schedules changed and I had to wait until 4pm to start with the new shifting schedule. Lucky me, a girl placed my name on the 2pm to 4pm shift and off we went to the grandstand to wait for the C1-30 to arrive carrying the survivors. Between. 2pm to 2:30 pm the 1st C1-30 arrived, we all clapped our hands and welcome them with warm smiles. It was overwhelming seeing these survivors walk in front of us knowing, that they have experience such tragedy against nature. I was one of the counsellors and we were led to the families. I met the Ducducan family a young mother Marilyn 18 yrs old and the father is 26 years old (I forgot to ask the name of the father because my thoughts and eyes were fixed on their baby) and baby boy Toby 1 month old. Toby was born 1 week before Yolanda. He was a premature baby. Marilyn was open to tell her stories, so I let her. I observed this young couple and I saw through them the spirit of the Filipino people; strong faith and hope. Almost all the members of their family survived except the grandmother who is still missing. They tried to go to the mountains after the "hit" because according to them somebody shouted Tsunami will be coming. Everybody panicked and so they all went to the mountain with Baby Toby. I asked them what were their plans? The answer of the father... "we have to leave,because there's nothing there to survive with..but this is temporary,we will go back and start life there all over may not happen now but it will, after a few years from now... my father stayed because he said that he will be the one who to build our houses again and guard our land. He was sad...because he was on his 4th year of college in criminology and it was his last semester. The sadness in his voice lingered as he spoke, but I told him Toby is here. This will be your strength. I also told them (jokingly) let us name Toby, "Haiyan" a strong storm that made Philippines a temporary heaven...They asked what's the spelling? I gave them the spelling ..they said yes mam we will name him Haiyan,we like that.

What I have experienced in that place, is a piece of heaven, people from all over the world gave their time, treasure and talent...even China which I'm really so happy to know;). Seeing these Filipinos from all walks of life going there extending help, is for me a MIRACLE from the typhoon Yolanda. Something we should all say to the world..THESE IS HOW WE HANDLE ALL TRIALS...THE FILIPINO WAY, so that people will see the good from it all and not what we see from the surface. Look at the has a deeper and hope is in the air. FROM THE HEARTS OF YOUR KABABAYANS WITH LOVE;) Let us all be thankful for what we have now. I know everybody is doing their best, even our government, maybe they have shortcomings but I'm sure nobody wants to see all these happen. Sometimes it is easier to say things than doing it. This is what's happening to us now. We have to admit this is overwhelming not only in our country but to the whole world so let us just do our will make a difference. After all WE ARE ALL FILIPINOS..;)

Thank God for Filipino people;)

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  1. Kudos on you post, Tin! And you gave a boy his name, that huge.


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