Wednesday, 20 November 2013

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The typhoon Yolanda has been grabbing our attention this past week because of the devastation she brought to the Visayas region. My FB wall has been filled with news of generous donors and tireless volunteers racing to get relief to the disaster stricken areas. We all want to do whatever we can to ease the victims' suffering, because we know the battle isn't over yet. As this saga unfolds we witness many gestures grand and simple all designed to get the message out there, that WE CARE!

To do it's part, Pilipinas Sierra, Inc. is organizing a fund-raising event, the Adobo Aid @ Beeffalo. Order the special Adobo Meal at Beeffalo on 23 November 2013, and the proceeds from your meal will go to our typhoon stricken countrymen in Eastern Samar.  Your special meal will cost a minimum PhP 350.00 or as much extra as you wish to contribute. You will be pleased to know the entire amount you pay for the meal will go to the victims. This could very well be the most noble adobo you will ever eat. 

Beeffalo by night
Beeffalo in Marikina

Visit Beeffalo at Lot 6 Block 3 Gil Fernando Ave., 1800 Marikina City. To reserve your Adobo Aid Meals please call or sms Ms.Caren at 0920-3880782 by noontime on Friday, November 22. You may buy as many plates as you wish, as a form of donation even if you cannot be present for the dinner.

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