About FV

Flippin' Views is an open, involved and candid discussion of relevant issues in Philippine society. We aim to challenge the current thinking and flip them over to expose other unexplored perspectives that may drive meaningful and positive change to our current '3rd World' existence. In short, Flippin' Views is working to transform Philippine society.

FV came about from a deep need to see the Philippine society transcend the moral ethical and social crisis it faces.  Flippin' both refers to the act of tossing up something, (Views in this case) with the intention of turning it over, and it is also meant to sound like Philippine, which will be primarily the context of our discussions.

A Quick Flippin' Views Backgrounder

Just a few months ago, the news came out that over PhP 10 Billion have been siphoned from the PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund), also known as the "Pork Barrel", of Philippine Senators into bogus NGO's (Non-Governmental Organizations) in exchange for "commissions" paid to the Senators. The COA (Commission on Audit) released a report that revealed that alarming amounts of funds have been pouring into these fake NGO's without actually reaching their intended beneficiaries. Then whistle-blowers came out and identified by name the Senators who have been involved in this scam.

This triggered an angry outcry from the Philippine public, including myself, having struggled for so long in 3rd world conditions with terrible governmental public support only to find out that a few people were raking in public funds in the billions to fund scandalously opulent lifestyles. We have always known that corruption existed, but we had no idea about the magnitude and the brazenness of it. Clearly change was needed drastically and immediately. Amidst the violent rants and the insults being hurled at the perpetrators, some very interesting discussions have been emerging about the public policy, public spending, laws, corruption and what is being done to correct all these. 

That got me thinking, public discussion is good. If people actually started applying their knowledge for common good, we can come up with high quality solutions to the challenges we currently face as a nation. Flippin' Views is going to be exactly about that, an open, involved and candid discussion about what we can do to transform Philippine Society into what we have long aspired for as a nation. We want to invite views that can contribute insight and perspective, not merely endless hopeless ranting, We come from hope not anger. We intend to present our own views hoping they act as seed of higher thinking when intermingled with countless other minds.

When a people of a nation take on the responsibility of shaping their society and actively participate in the discussions of relevant issues, richer, more comprehensive policies can be formulated to stir it in the most desirable direction, where every person's interest is considered and provisioned for.

A Standing Invitation

So we send out this standing invitation to all Filipinos and pretty much anyone who has a good grasp of the issues needing attention here in the Philippines, to contribute their expertise and sentiments. We only ask that we keep the language cordial and the discussions intelligent